Snow Lion

All works/ drawings/editing/photos are owned, done and copyrighted by me.
Please do not misuse them without my permission.

You can find the original writeups here:

I have not done pop-up books before. Honestly, when I first received this project’s brief, it was kind of a daunting task for me. So much research was done solely on the methods of creating pop-up. As design is about impact and visual communication, I wished to highlight a significant part of my life as a future designer in the story line of this design.

The road towards achieving my opportunities to study design was arduous. As the common saying goes, trials and tribulations stood in my way – parents, relatives and also societal norms. I pictured myself as the great heroine in the plot who fought through all the hardships and obstacles and finally transformed into a snow lion in the mountains.

It represents a spiritual journey for me in developing myself not just as a designer, but also as a better person in life.

The following photos are experiments and research materials:

Story line:

“As the legend was told, the Snow Lion, magnificent he was, stood tall and firm on the top of the Himalayas. He gazed towards the Heavens and let out a majestic roar. The earth trembled and vibrated beneath his feet as his thundering cry sent shock waves to those who were brave enough to stand within close proximity. As he fearlessly stood his ground, he raised his strong paw upfront and spoke the magical words: ‘Let there be snow.'”

“The little girl stopped and gasped at the magnificent sight laid down before her. Branches and tree trunks soared towards the blue skies; playful vines danced swiftly as forces of the jungle breeze blew against them lightly; the leaves whistled and rustled in the wind, lightly brushing against one another. It was as if the forest was alive and whispering to each other about the foreign presence of a tiny, insignificant human. The little girl inhaled a  long, deep breath and swept away the last branch obscuring the entrance to the forest.  She exhaled, gathered what courage she had and laid her first step onto the leafy forest floor, crushing the dead leaves underneath her feet. ‘Here we go.’ she thought as she nervously made her way into the depths of the forest.”

“‘Splish! splash! splosh!’ The sounds of water slapping onto rocks echoed through as the little girl gradually reached the end of the forest. For a moment, she thought she saw precious diamonds shining brightly at the outskirts of the forest grounds. Upon closer inspection, she realized that the glisters and sparkles were reflection of sunlight on the river’s surface. Fed by mountain streams, the river gushed with a roaring terror of swift waters. As the little girl raised her vision towards the mountains, raging rapids and dislodged woods lined the river’s course. She could not help but shudder at the challenges proposed by mother nature. However, the little girl swiftly constructed a small wooden boat strong enough to withstand her weight and the rivers’ forces as she proceeded to travel upstream. She vowed to keep carrying on and not give in to any undesirable circumstances. Waves lapped onto the sides of the boat mercilessly as the little girl raised her flag of courage and pressed on towards the mountains.”

“The dragon’s strength was intimidating. For the umpteenth time, she narrowly missed the searing touch of the dragon’s fire as she dodged behind a glacier. It proved to be only a temporary shield as the glacier melted instantly from the heat of the fire. She waved her sword in the air, channeling all her strength into her right arm. She knew that her last chance of slaying the dragon rested with the last blow she could deal with the remains of her strength. The dragon approached her with an unnerving stare and licked its lips on the thought of massacring her for the joy of it. Suddenly, opportunity stroked when the dragon lost its footing on the slippery ice. Seeing her final chance, the little girl gripped her sword tightly and  dealt a fatal blow on the dragon’s chest. The dragon roared in shock and anguish while it fell off the peak of the mountain into the deep valleys, vanishing into the mist. Blood trickled down the little girl’s wounds. Nonetheless, she felt a sense of relief and satisfaction as she conquered the final test in her destiny. She gazed into the skies above and relished at the sight. The transformation into the Snow Lion was bestowed on her by the heavens of the realm. The little girl had finally achieved her goal. She is the magnificent and magical Snow Lion.”


Someday, I’ll become the Snow Lion.


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