Playing with Fire – Stop Motion Animation

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I have always loved stop motion animation movie such as Coraline and Boxtrolls by Laika Productions. The intricacy and attention to detail is astounding. I’ve watched many of their behind the scenes videos featuring their creativity by implementing unusual things into parts of their set eg. using popcorn as blossomed flowers.

Hence, I explored with the concept of using real objects as characters in the stop motion video. We were given musics to choose from and our animation was supposed to convey the mood of the music. I chose a upbeat and fun music. My personal manifesto have always been about discovering something new in every aspect of life or breathing life into inanimate objects. In this case, I chose to highlight about the discovery of fire and the funny things that ensued.

For the purpose of documentation, I have also done a few vlogs to keep my work in progress and update myself about the things I have not done week by week.

Sketchbook + Photos Exploring textures


Animation Setup




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