Journey to the Market: Part 1

Time passes as the journey ensues.

The task was to design a publication which illustrates a journey determined by ourselves which shows the passing of time. I chose the market in SS15 as my destination as I always find interesting wonders lurking in there. Besides fresh goods, often than not, the conversations between the customers and the dealers are unique and quirky.

We explored typography textures and other design theories before proceeding to creating and developing our final artwork. I have always find typography a very interesting area to explore. We also had a talk by Typokaki where their point of views on the current society and the relevance of typography in contemporary design proved insightful.

Initial Research on the concept of Time + Typography


Typography Experiments #1 – Gathering type from all around us

Typography Experiments #2


Data Collection for Final Artwork – Sketchbook

Final Artwork Mapping and Moodboard


See part 2!!!


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