Food for Thought

As a personal challenge, I opted to join this year’s Nando’s Art Initiative Competition. There was no specified theme, instead, we were encourage to tell our story. It’s been a while since I embark on illustrating a piece which is highly detailed and chaotic, ever since A Levels. This time, I challenged myself in terms of how fast I can finish the piece and how detailed I can be. The artwork is measure 2ftx3ft.

This piece is a continuation of my A Levels “Chaos” which can be found here:

“Food conveys culture. On the other hand, puns are quirky linguistic features meant to invoke laughter. To me, Life is a banquet of puns. Coupled with my food obsession, the theme “Food For Thought” became their offspring which is then brought to life using food characters. The engagement of these food characters in a food fight undermines the formality of the grand dining hall which is a manifestation of my reluctance towards strict conformity in my family and society. So, food and puns played pivoting role in bringing across playful messages and in turn forging familial bonds especially during meal times. Despite all the seemingly chaotic ups and downs in Life, the “organized chaos” in my illustration is a projection of my “thinking palace” and my way of coping with the “lemons” presented by Life. Life is actually a piece of cake! Puns and food are my optimistic way of telling my life’s story, much like the eggs and butter in the batter of a cake.”

Food For Thought - OngYuJing (Nandos) highlightFood For Thought - OngYuJing (Nandos)IMG_5901IMG_5904

I am pleased to be able to enter the competition and emerged as one of the top finalists of Nando’s Art Initiative 2015. I’ll try again next year! (:


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